International Students

All of our services are available to distance and international clients without compromise.

For years, we have provided numerous overseas clients and American families living abroad the same excellent one on one services afforded to our local familes. We offer our entire package via Skype, phone, and email and have successfully guided families from as far away as Scotland, Saudi Arabia, and China through our customized program.

Applying to schools in the United States from another country provides its’ own unique set of challenges.  Via our private, client only online dashboard portal, we are especially well equipped to navigate the process and address the challenges with you in order to achieve the most positive results.

The best aspect of Dean’s consultancy has to be his thoroughness. From the beginning of the process (selecting majors and universities), right up to the decision-making process and enrollment, he pays meticulous attention. In addition, his fixed-fee structure kept money separate from the entire process, allowing me to focus solely on making an informed decision.

Vinay M. London, England

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