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Please see testimonials from a few of our clients below…

Acceptance Rate:  91% (27% higher than all other students nationally).

  • Graduation Rate:  90% graduated in 4 years from the college at which they began.
  • Average Scholarship:  $23,000/year ($92,000/4 years) for 2023 clients.
  • Average Client Savings:  46% off the sticker price of college
  • “Overall satisfaction with the College Advisor of New York ” – 9/10
  • 77% “gained peace of mind.”
  • 72% “made a more informed, systematic college decision.”
  • 82% “saved time.”
  • 60% “saved money.”

“THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you have done for Jake.  As much as it was easier the second time around in regards to knowing what to expect, I felt Jake’s situation was more stressful than Tyler’s because he had a lot more “long shots” and less quantity of applications than Tyler.  It was a challenging this year for all these kids with the application pool being insane (most schools jake applied to had over 85,000 applications).

Words can’t describe the amount of gratitude Mike and I have for the time and talent you put into our boys.  You gave us a peace of mind in this crazy process and it was reassuring that you had our kids best interests at heart.

Thank you… soooo much!  I have already referred several families to give you a call.”
Lisa and Mike Munter
Saratoga Springs, New York

“When we first met, you assured us that your goal as a college advisor was to find a school that was a great fit for Jack. You also said that you would make the process as smooth and painless as possible. You and your team certainly succeeded on both fronts. Not only is Auburn a great fit for Jack, but Kristin and I actually found the process enjoyable. We always sing your praises to friends who have kids that are about to start the process!  Thanks again and hope all is well with you personally and professionally.”   Kristen and Bill Hoblock
Loudonville, New York

as we get ready for Jack to begin his college career at Auburn University, we would like to thank you for everything that you and your team did to bring this to fruition. “Just wanted to tell you…you were right. About everything. As we watch what’s going with our daughter’s friends right now, we are so glad contacting College Advisors was one of the first things we did.

From setting realistic expectations, to advice about when to visit and what to look for, advising her which courses were appropriate to take for her college major, to suggesting she get recommendations early, to your project managing the whole essay process- she was DONE and finished applying weeks before deadlines while her classmates were missing school in November to get their applications in under the wire. You told us she’d be done and waiting long before her fellow students, but we had no idea the magnitude of the RELIEF she would feel while watching everyone else freak out. Your specific instructions on completing the applications was a huge help.  We’re lucky (partially lucky, partially have a talented kid, and partially well-advised) that everything worked out for her as she wanted, and most grateful for your help.”
Liz and Kevin Curley
Cohoes, New York

“We just want to thank you for the guidance that you and your team provided us through the college admissions process.  Daniel has been extremely happy at Boston College.  The school is giving him the challenge and environment he craved and we have watched him grow so much since he began in August.  Will received many acceptances from wonderful schools and has decided on Northeastern University.  We can’t wait to watch him embark on this new adventure!  Both boys landed in Boston and, as Red Sox fans, that’s a pretty good thing!  When we started with the college process it seemed like we were running through a maze of unknowns; it’s amazing how calming it is to know your children are where they are supposed to be in life.  Only one son left to go.  Thank you again for everything!  We couldn’t have done it without you!”
Kristen and Dan Bobear
Saratoga Springs, New York

“I got a 12,000 annual scholarship at my top choice school so that made me extremely happy.  I just wanted to thank you guys for all of your help today was such a great day for me.”
Grace Naccarato (student),
Syosset, New York

“We are so grateful for your guidance and expertise throughout Elizabeth’s college search and application process.  You and your staff significantly reduced much of the anxiety and uncertainty typically faced by families during this time.  Your extensive interviews with our family enabled Elizabeth to choose from a wide array of reputable colleges with good scholarships.  Without your counseling, Elizabeth would have never applied and been accepted to Union College, with a partial scholarship, no less!  She is truly excited about joining their Class of 2022!  It is a great feeling knowing that we’ve done everything we could possibly do for our daughter’s future.   We are already recommending you to friends and family.”
Lily Maloof & Charles Gergel
Oceanside, New York

“You are worth every penny. EVERY penny!!! We are so happy!  Thank you so much for everything!”
Christian Aquino
Albany, New York

The College Advisor of New York’s process began with the testing of aptitudes and preferences that helped find the right school for our daughter, and then navigate the complex process of SAT Prep and admissions. They even helped us get some merit scholarship money.  It worked well enough for her that we had our two sons also go through the process.  I would not go through this process without their professional guidance – the cost pales in comparison to the cost of college.
Lou and Paula Pierro
Loudonville, New York

“As the long process of applying and choosing a college comes to an end, I wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done. There have been numerous times where I would have stressed over not getting enough financial aid, or not knowing which colleges to visit. However, having your guidance allowed the fun and excitement of the search to outweigh the anxiety. All of the time you spent matching up colleges and advising us on how to deal with aid/scholarship packages is greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much!”
Andrew Balogh (student)
Averill Park, New York

“My family has had the pleasure of twice working with Dr. Dean Skarlis and The College Advisor of NY.  Most recently, Dean consulted with my daughter who graduates in 2020. To me, the most important aspect of our experience was the strategic advice we received.  Dean and his staff hold keen insights, rooted in extensive experience, which allow them to guide extremely important decisions such as which school to choose as your binding Early Decision target given the profile of your student.  With their guidance, a phenomenal outcome was achieved for my daughter, including admission to University of Pennsylvania. I highly recommend working with Dean Skarlis and his group.”
Pam Opperman
Albany, New York

“We wanted to thank you for all your work with us on all three kids. Sean is working his Graphics Design job with an advertising firm in Boston (loved his time with Roger Williams). Jessie is off doing a Master’s program with UC Monterey Bay (for Biology). Mary loves her choice of St. John Fisher. Your oversight of college choices and your staff support through issues and essays was extremely valuable. Thanks again.”
Tom and Leslie Doyle
Guilderland, New York

“Mission accomplished.  Thank you, not only for your guidance in the college admissions/selection process but for the confidence boost you gave Cassie by being her advocate. So happy we found you!”
Janice Rosen
Hoosick Falls, New York

“Kevin, Erin and I want to thank you for your guidance.  Without it Erin never would have found Endicott College.  The fit was perfect!  She graduated from Endicott (on time!) in May, 2017 and started working at Fenway Park in Boston.  She has been accepted into their A2L program starting in July.  She has an apartment in Boston and loves city life.  Kudos to all of you at The College Advisor of New York!”
Kevin and Ann Hull
Jefferson, New York

“Ryan loves Clark. It is definitely a great fit for him, as you thought it would be. He has made some very good friends and he completed his first semester with a 3.93 GPA. Sincere thanks again to you and your staff for helping us to get through the process, and a special ‘shout out’ to our Coach for helping Ryan through the essays!”
Bob and Karen Koster
East Greenbush, New York

“We wanted to thank you again for all that you did for Max, he did end up committing to UVM! I’m sure he would not be going there if it was not for your help and the help of Cindy, Prowess, and the rest of your staff. Thank you so much!”
John Buhac
Clifton Park, New York

“The most helpful part of your service was guiding Michael to schools we were not familiar with and educating him on the ‘right fit.’ I cannot think of anything you could improve upon. The experience was a pleasure. The overall experience was a 10/10!”
MaryGina Ortiz
Amsterdam, New York

“We appreciated your help in preparing us early for the FAFSA and Profile. In addition, the strategy and advice to help us maximize our financial aid package was invaluable!”
Donna Bonacci
Loudonville, New York

“We did not apply for financial aid, but the amount of merit-based aid she received was astounding. She ended up selecting a school that gave her a $20,000/year scholarship! Thank you so much for suggesting the ‘right’ schools in this way. It has made a big difference financially.”
Mary Gavin
Saratoga Springs, New York

“Our son is going to an excellent college with a bigger aid package than we ever expected!”
Becky & Mike Steiner
Bethlehem, New York

“This is an amazing company!  We hired Dean Skarlis and Faith for all three of our kids and there was no stress in the college process….worth every penny!”
Laurie and David Tierney
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

“”The College Advisor staff guided us through our first college search and application process.  Before coming in, we felt overwhelmed and confused.  As soon as we began working with the staff, we knew we were headed in the right direction.  Our child felt confident sending in her applications, which resulted in several great school choices.  Thank you so much for all of your help!”
Kelly and Steve Fox
Saratoga Springs, New York

“Working with The College Advisor of NY proved to be a great experience for my son, Michael, and our family.  With Dean as the ‘driver’ of the admissions process, our family was able to enjoy this time, rather than have it be stressful.”
David Huntler
Salem, Virginia

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